Made by professional baristas and with espresso shots!

We created this new product range for both coffee devotees and the occasional drinker alike. BAKED have always taken a no compromises approach when it comes to delivering exceptional coffee to our customers, and our Barista style coffee in a can is no different. We understand our customers and their lifestyles and wanted to offer a quality coffee product which not only enhances their coffee rituals (whether at the beach or the boardroom), but also considers their wellbeing. This is why we have created a vegan friendly coffee in a can with no trans fat and no added sugar… but with all the added love and attention you would expect from the team at BAKED.

At BAKED our mission is to produce naturally great tasting products, we’ve waved goodbye to things like preservatives and stabilisers in our ‘BAKED Anywhere’ range and really focused on the quality of our coffee. Our choice of ingredients and the process of ‘coffee to can’ has resulted in an authentic and elegantly rewarding collection of coffee products with a 365 day shelf life. Best enjoyed chilled, BAKED’s coffee in a can will be found in both the chiller cabinet and on the shelves of your local supermarket… but we are sure that it will find its way into your home and your heart very soon!


  • All our coffee is sourced from coffee plantations on the Archipelago of Indonesia, renowned for it’s premium coffee beans which are nurtured by the rich natural beauty of the region.

  • Each bean is hand picked and then carefully selected by our team of experienced Master Roasters who work closely with only the finest coffee plantations… this is so we know exactly where our coffee comes from before it goes into the can.

  • We ensure that our coffee travels in style, complying with all the industry best practises. There are no private jets here, just clean efficient travel to make sure that our coffee beans get from the plantation to the roastery in one piece.

  • Once at the roastery, our green beans are officially on parade…only the smartest and shiniest beans get through the rigorous selection process set by our Master Roasters. At BAKED we look for the best of the best, think Top Gun but for coffee beans. Our beans are then ground to just the right ‘grind size’ so we are able to brew consistently great coffee.

  • At BAKED there is no room for AI or robots. Our brewing stations have the human touch and each one of our cans of coffee contains a double shot of Espresso meticulously brewed by a member of the BAKED team, who have a love of coffee deep in their DNA. All the knowledge, passion and skill of our Baristas that is on display in our coffee shops finds it’s way into each and every one of our cans of coffee. A lot of other ready to drink coffees use bland concentrates to produce their products, but the only concentration in our products is from the brains of the people that make it so epically good!

  • After our signature blend of Espresso coffee is placed gently in the can, the next stage is for all our premium ingredients (oat milk, oat chocolate and our vegan creamer) to get to know each other and combine to make up each one of our coffee drinks. Our Espresso has good taste and we don’t introduce it to any old ingredients, just plant based deliciousness without any of the unpleasant preservatives that you wouldn’t want to find in a hand crafted coffee.

  • Once the speed dating is over and our ingredients have made the magic happen, we secure them all up in our stylish cans via the process of pasteurisation. This means heating the product up to a toasty 100°C and sealing the can so nothing gets in or out. This is one of the most traditional ways of preservation that doesn’t require any added ingredients to increase the shelf life. The result is a 365 day room temperature product life, containing nothing but coffee greatness… TOTALLY AWESOME!

  • Once our coffee is in the can, we then package 24 cans into a recycled cardboard box… but only after completing the final quality control checks. If by now you are wondering ‘why cans’, well here’s the answer… cans can be recycled an infinite amount of times without losing their useful properties. They are the easiest product packaging to chill and the most space efficient, meaning less energy wastage and a smaller carbon footprint, take a bow you mighty little can.

  • Next, our neatly packaged boxes head off on a one way road trip destined for your favourite supermarkets.

  • At your local supermarket you will find our coffees in a can either in the chiller cabinet or at room temperature on the aisle shelves we don’t think it will be long though before they head off on an adventure with you; be it at the beach, the boardroom or on the bus. Enjoy BAKED’s Barista style coffee on your time… all the time.