We are a specialty coffee company passionate about bringing you the finest beans from the diverse and rich coffee growing regions of Indonesia. With a deep respect for the artistry and tradition behind coffee cultivation, our mission is to share the exceptional flavours and stories behind each cup.

Indonesia, with its lush landscapes and ideal climatic conditions, produces some of the world's most exquisite coffee varieties. At BAKED, we meticulously select our beans from renowned plantations nestled amidst the volcanic soils and tropical forests of Indonesia. This ensures that every sip you take carries the essence of the region's distinct terroir and meticulous farming practices.

Our commitment to quality starts at the source. We partner directly with local producers forging strong relationships built on trust and fair trade principles. By collaborating closely with these dedicated growers, we support sustainable farming methods and empower local communities.
We believe that true craftsmanship lies in each step of the process, and so we are part of each one from growing, sourcing, roasting and brewing. Our experienced roasters carefully roast each batch of beans to perfection at our roastery, and cup each order to ensure perfection with every single roast.

From the earthy and full bodied Sumatran Mandheling to the bright and fruity notes of Javanese Java Preanger, our selection showcases the incredible diversity that Indonesian coffee has to offer. We also feature rare and limited edition micro lots from smaller producers allowing you to discover hidden gems and one of a kind flavors that will leave a lasting impression on your palate.

Not only do we prioritize exceptional taste, but we also value sustainability. Our packaging is thoughtfully designed to reduce environmental impact, employing eco friendly materials that preserve the freshness of our beans while only sourcing Indonesian coffee that has a significant impact on our carbon foot print.

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur seeking new and exciting flavors or an adventurous soul eager to explore the world of Indonesian coffee. and let the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans transport you to the enchanting landscapes of Indonesia. Indulge in the richness of tradition, the allure of exploration, and the pure joy of a perfectly brewed cup be it at any of our stores, or your home. Welcome to BAKED, where every sip tells a story.

All our coffee is sourced from coffee plantations on the Archipelago of Indonesia, renowned for it’s premium coffee beans which are nurtured by the rich natural beauty of the region.

Each bean is hand picked and then carefully selected by our team of experienced Master Roasters who work closely with only the finest coffee plantations…this is so we know exactly where our coffee comes from

Once at the roastery, our green beans are officially on parade… only the smartest and shiniest beans get through the rigorous selection process set by our Master Roasters.
At BAKED we look for the best of the best, think Top Gun but for coffee beans. Our beans are then ground to just the right ‘grind size’ so we are able to brew consistently great coffee.

Next, our neatly packaged boxes head off on a one way road trip destined for your favourite supermarkets.